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How about them apples?

"The story of how my apple cider making started can be told, in a nutshell, it is: ‘because of a dog’."
The name ‘De Vergeten Appel’ has been influenced by the way I collect my apples. The apples I use to create my cider originate from small orchards and private properties where they are not picked or used. They are the old classical Dutch varieties.

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How about them apples?

Welcome to
De Vergeten Appel

The artisan ciders of ‘De Vergeten Appel’ (The Forgotten Apple), is produced by hand and bottled in Tilburg. No artificial additives or other supplementary agents are added in the process and it is not diluted with water. What you get is 100% ‘Vergeten Appel!’
‘De Vergeten Appel’ uses apples you will rarely find in other ciders – apples that you will not find in the supermarket. Exclusively classical Dutch apples that are not produced for commercial purposes and grow without pesticides. Varieties such as 'Sterappel', 'Groninger Kroon', 'Cox's Orange', 'Paradijsappel', 'Bellefleur' and 'Pater van den Elsen'.