Het Bonte Appeltje Eik (Oak aged) 2016


The cider ‘het bonte appeltje’ is made from apples from various orchards and gardens.The colorful collection comes from ‘the Raakveld’ in Tilburg, organic cow farm ‘de Regte Heijden’ Riel and also from Moergestel and Schijndel. Part of this cider has been aged with oak.

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The Cider from ‘de Vergeten Appel’ is made in an artisanal way using classical Dutch apples that are not produced for commercial purposes.
These apples are exclusively from small orchards and individuals from the surrounding area of Tilburg.
No pesticides or fertilizers are used in these orchards.
The apples used would be wasted if they were not picked by hand to be processed into this delicious cider.

100% pure juice from pressed apples, yeast, sugar for fermentation in the bottle.
Contains sulfites.

Store in a dark and cool place.
Cool before use and quietly open.
Recommended drinking temperature of 7 ° C

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